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brian wilson moments in time short stories


Thirty entertaining and mostly humorous short stories comprising life experiences in which we can all relate. It reminds us that every day in our life is a unique experience and will not always be a bunch of roses. As you will find in this book there will be stories of good times, and times to laugh about. On other occasions there will be earthquakes in our life—but also hope. The writer draws on experiences in New Zealand, Zambia, Thailand, England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Australia to write entertaining stories often with a surprise twist. He captures the dramatic moments in September and February when Christchurch, New Zealand was rocked by two large earthquakes. The author was nearby a six-storey building which collapsed entombing 113 occupants.

brian wilson bumpy roads short stories


Fasten your seat belts and prepare to travel down the bumpy roads of life. 35 entertaining short stories based in 8 countries; some with humour and others thought provoking. Hold on tight as you approach the surprise twists and remember that most accidents are caused by the nut behind the wheel! 

brian wilson here comes the sun - perhaps? short stories



Finally the dark clouds disperse and the sun smiles out from behind. The Spring of life brings hope and new beginnings, as a blue sky is revealed and a new season dawns. 33 entertaining short stories based in 6 countries; some with humour and others thought provoking. 

brian wilson so that's life? short stories


So That's Life is a collection of short stories comprising stories that are thought provoking and humorous. The book is broken into four sections -the four seasons of life: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The stories draw on a number of experiences in New Zealand and many other countries and are well illustrated. Many have surprise twists.

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